I have a show next Friday that I’m really excited about.

The J/K Follies is happening on Friday, July 27th at the Daily Grind in Troy, NY (46 3rd St) as part of the July edition of Troy Night Out.

The show starts at 8:30pm and is the perfect thing to fill time between TNO festivities and the Official Unofficial TNO After-Party at Daisy Baker’s.

The evening will combine comedy and music in a way much different than what you’ve usually seen in this area. The idea is to provide an all-around entertaining evening of crisp, quick entertainment that keeps the audience engaged, amused, and enthralled. What I envision is essentially a live, 21st Century version of the Merv Griffin Show.

The evening’s music will be provided by Jed Davis (the J) and hosted by yours truly (the K).

Jed’s one of my favorite songwriters and performers, and I’m thrilled he agreed to be a part of this. He’ll be playing music in-between stand-up performances from William Hughes, Henry Phillips, and more TBA (note: our poster notes Megan Lockwood but she unfortunately had to withdraw; next time!).

More info on this later this week. I hope you’ll all stop by.

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE – https://www.facebook.com/events/332425500178450/

Cost: Pay what you will/can; suggested donation will be about $5.


3 Responses to Announcing THE J/K FOLLIES on 7/27/2012, hosted by Kevin Marshall w/ music by Jed Davis

  1. J. Eric Smith says:

    Well, THAT’S got kick-ass written all over it . . . I trust you’ve heard Jed’s latest release? Review at Indie Moines if not, but I won’t be a link tool and post to it here . . . 

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