Seriously, enough already. This isn’t a chance for you to blow off steam about issues you have with gun control or violence or the media or gun restrictions or whatever. A mentally ill shooter went on a rampage and the most important thing right now (in fact I’d argue the only thing right now) that matters is that 14 people are dead.

Like Jessica Redfield:

She didn’t make it out of the theater alive. She just wanted to see a fucking movie, and her family and loved ones deserve better than to see people using their loss to prop up some logical fallacy.

So enough with the hemming and hawing, the snarky comments over gun control/gun restrictions (I’m seeing it occur both ways amazingly), the claims that it’s a continuation on the attack on Judeo-Christian beliefs (seriously?!),  the pseudo-intellectual musings about what this says about our culture and how it somehow relates to themes in Nolan’s movies and blah blah. It’s not an act that in any way can be rationally connected to anything, no matter how high-minded you may think your position is.


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