I have a real love/hate relationship with the people that populate Troy events. There’s a guy playing baroque guitar at Market Block Books. And I’m like “cool, let me check that out!” Except some soft-voiced older white dude is chatting up the guitarist in spite of all the other people around that are like ‘hey, let’s hear some music.’ Like, guy, I know you walk around like you’re the host of an NPR show inside of your head, but can you stop with the inane line of questioning so musicians can ply their wares and especially so the rest of us can hear it?

That happens when I’m doing comedy, too. These people aren’t “ill intentioned,” so to speak, but they carry themselves and act as if each and every performance is a conversation just for them. Get out of your own head, develop a sense of self-awareness, and shut the fuck up.

Drives me goddamn nuts.

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