There’s just times where I feel like comedy doesn’t like me.

Well, okay, there’s times where I feel like people in general don’t like me. A lot of that is probably residual self-loathing and leftover chubby kid insecurity, because I am told otherwise without provocation at certain performances. Not all – not the ones where I don’t feel great about what I’ve done so I’ll duck out. But most. I don’t go fishing for compliments, so that when I do get them, I feel it’s genuine.

Which is probably a weird thing for a comedian to say. After all, isn’t trying to make people laugh just a way to get the approval of strangers? Isn’t that a strange, vampiric and dependent relationship one develops with the audience? I suppose it can be. But honestly, I don’t care about people laughing, I care about being funny, if that makes any sense. Like, I’ve felt better about shows where the laughter was more reserved than ones where it was loud and boisterous.

I don’t know, because I’m fucking weird, okay?

Anyway, I’m performing tonight at The Mine (388 Broadway, Saratoga Springs NY) as part of a gaggle of local comics starting at 8pm. Good friend and good comedian Ethan Ullman (host of Alternative to Sleeping) is hosting. So come check it out. There’ll be a lot of new material, I think some of it incendiary depending on the make-up of the crowd.

Also, did I mention I’ve taken over the Tumblr account for Spike TV? I think I mentioned it over on the MMA blog, not sure if I did here or not. Either way, follow it and my work for the Tumblr for All Access Weekly.


One Response to Don’t get me wrong, I like comedy

  1. Roger Green says:

    many comedians ARE neurotic…

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