10th paragraph: http://vitals.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/08/26/13489038-neil-armstrong-an-uncommon-man-with-a-commonly-deadly-disease?lite

The screen capture just in case someone finally fixes it (, for fuck’s sake):

He was far from normal, though common as A KILLER.

And when news first broke of Armstrong’s death, they had “Neil Young” in the headline instead.

So, uh, is there any level of NBC that doesn’t screw things up spectacularly?


Edit: yes, obviously, we all know what the author meant to say was that coronary disease is a common killer. That’s the point, was that it was such an egregious oversight that still got through and still hasn’t been fixed.

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2 Responses to …did NBC News just write that Neil Armstrong was “a common killer”?

  1. Clearly their copy editor was sleeping on the job. I’m going to take a wild stab at it and say they were trying to say something about how coronary artery disease is a common killer, but someone spliced sentences the entirely wrong way.

  2. Roger Green says:

    Oh, they all do that. ABC’s This Week this morning had speeches by the GOP candidates. Reagan in 1980, GWB in 2000, and GHWB in 1998 (rather than 1988)

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