From the Romney Campaign’s blog: 7 Incredible Personal Stories About Mitt Romney You May Not Know

Well, it IS incredible. Incredible how a rich kid took ecstasy at a rave, crashed at someone’s house and was found through a tip line:

In 1998 the 14-year-old daughter of one of Romney’s partners at Bain Capital, Robin Gay, had disappeared after attending a rave party in New York City. The distraught father was beside himself with terror of what may have happened to his little girl…

A break came, after media publicity of the search, when a teenage boy called a tip line asking if there was a reward. He hung up, but not before the police traced the call to a home in New Jersey. The girl was found in the basement of the house undergoing withdrawals from a hit of ecstasy.

Romney, through his efforts, had saved the girl’s life.

Emphasis mine.

You have to read the rest of them. Story number two tells the tale of how Romney, after making an awkward joke that might have offended some people, had to apologize by buying a VA hospital milk. The sixth story tells a time when Romney and his sons saw a family drowning near their lake home and didn’t just watch them die.

This isn’t a knock on Romney, but the dolt who wrote this. See, there are other stories that genuinely are acts of charity, such as his paying for the college tuition of two quadraplegic students. If it had just been those it may have helped humanized the guy. But they’re muddied by nonsense and stories of just doing what any halfway decent human being would have done.



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