After 18 months, nearly 750 posts, and over 9,000 comments, this will be the final post for Kevin Marshall’s America in the Times Union blogosphere.

It’s been an interesting and fun ride, mostly due to the readers I’ve encountered both in the digital realm and those that have done me the small courtesy of making themselves known to me in public and giving me the great compliment of saying they’ve spent a little time reading all the musings and missives in this space.

In addition the readers, thanks goes to the Times Union and its interactive audience manager/Blog Czar, Mike Huber.

It’s not the end of the blog. Kevin Marshall’s America will continue over, along with some other things in the pipeline coming through that I’m very excited about and am eager to share with you.

So don’t think of it as you waving goodbye to me tearfully from a dock as I board a ship departing for the other side of the world, never to be seen again. Rather, think of it as you waving goodbye to the aforementioned ship while I scream “HEY DOOFUS, I’M RIGHT OVER HERE” from ten feet away.

As far as the Times Union and I go, though, this is a final goodbye. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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23 Responses to So long, folks

  1. Greg Aidala says:

    Job well done, Kevin! See you on the other side…ten feet away.

  2. Dave Jaffer says:

    Congrats, adieu, etc.

    – your one Canadian reader

  3. Stephen says:

    Thank God !!!

  4. JGR says:

    To make sure I don’t miss you too much, I’ve framed your blog photo and placed it on my computer desk. I’ll stare longingly at it whenever I’m at the computer…

  5. CAK says:

    See ya over there ….. :)

  6. Teri Conroy says:

    Sigh. I love ya, Kevin Marshall!

  7. See you on the mean streets my friend.

  8. Stephanie says:

    Enjoy the good times to come at your own .com! “If you were 50 years younger”, would you have made this move sooner? (Yeah… lame reference to last weekend’s fight…)

  9. Will King says:

    I’m with #3!

    Ah, I’m just kidding. Great job here at the TU and I’m sure it carry right on over to your own personal space. I’ll be commenting over there for sure.

  10. Doug Bartow says:

    Good call, braü. It’s your content, you should have 100% control over it. Sell your own add space, make a buck.


  11. Mark Marchand says:

    Kevin — good luck in the new venue. See you around campus.

  12. Jenifer says:

    One door closes, another one opens… congrats on the transition!

  13. Megan Willis says:

    Wow. The Times Union Blog page is officially down one treasure. I will miss you here but look out for you elsewhere. Peace, Mr. Marshall!

  14. CRZ says:

    It never works out. ;-)

  15. Roz says:

    I’d say I’ll miss you, but I have no plans of doing so.

    Hope you come out kicking ass and taking names!

  16. Siobhan GK says:

    Perfect last line!

    P.S. I’ve already added your new blog to my Google Reader. Don’t make me regret it, Marshall. *shakes fist threateningly, then scampers off after something shiny*

  17. EZ says:

    we’ll always have twitter.

  18. countrygirl says:

    you always provided an interesting perspective on current topics and while I did not follow you relegiously, I always appreciated what I felt was the honesty of your point of view.
    good luck.

  19. Davelynmilan says:

    new site looks great, brother. full steam ahead…only great things lie ahead for you. good luck!

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