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Welcome to the new home of Kevin Marshall’s America here on Kevin Marshall Online dot com.

Some of you have asked why I moved off the Times Union blogroll. There’s been some talk that it was due to a gross invasion of privacy from a Times Union staff member (although that did actually happen, it was done out of spite, and still nobody can tell me why) or a falling out of some sort.

The truth is a lot less sexy: it was just time.

When I joined the Times Union reader blogger army, it was with one goal in mind: to get some exposure, build a rapport with readers, gain some valuable experience, get connections, and above all do some good with all of it. With all that in mind, I can only say and will continue to say that I have no regrets about my time spent with the Albany Times Union and that it was a resounding success.

Well, except the part where I never got paid. But as much as I frequently joked about it, it was just that – joking – and it was a volunteer gig all along. That said, I had gotten everything I was going to get out of the arrangement, so it was time to move onto my own space and monetize it.

This space will continue along the same trajectory as the old blog, but with some tweaks here and there. What to look for over the course of the next several weeks:

  • New features
  • Plugs for (and the return of) Mixed Marshall Arts, my fighting/MMA blog.
  • All of the old material from the old TU blog, plus all comments. Continue the same shitty conversations as before! Speaking of which…
  • Occasional cussing
  • Details on my foray into stand-up comedy(!)
  • And, hopefully, much more.


Thank you to all of those who have followed me over and especially those few of you who have followed this blog in its various incarnations, from its pathetic beginnings in LiveJournal to its move to a WordPress.com blog to the Times Union to here on my very own space.

Onwards and upwards and all that…

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