All Over Albany, God bless their little hearts, set out to find out what people from around the area are called according to their residence. Troy is Trojans, Albany is Albanians, etcetera. But did you know that residents of Delmar really are Delmartians? And if you’re from Cohoes, you’re a Cohosier!

The winner for coolest resident moniker, though, has to go to Schodack’s SCHODACKERS.

For all their digging, though, most either don’t have monikers or they’ve been lost to time. So I took it upon myself to name the rest. Consider this the final word on all residents of all municipalities throughout the Capital Region.

You’re welcome.

Averill Park – Averill Parkers
Ballston Spa – Spa Ballers
Berne – AOA says “Berners seems to be a natural,” and I’m hard pressed to find fault with that logic.
Bethlehem – Jews
Charlton – Charlatans
Clifton Park – Cliffords
Coeymans – Don’tgetwhyitspronouncedthatwayians
Colonie – Colonists
East Greenbush – Greenbushmen
Edinburg – Eddies
Galway – Micks
Glenville – Glenners
Greenfield - Greenies
Hadley - Haddocks
Halfmoon - Halfmooners (duh.)
Hoosick - Hoovillians
Knox - Knockers (“check out those Knockers!”)
Malta - Maltballs
Mechanicville - Mechanics
Milton - Miltonasians
Moreau - Moreausers
Nassau - Nassauivillianers
Niskayuna - Niskies
North Greenbush - Northerners (so as not to confuse them with nearby East Greenbushmen)
Northumberland - Northumberlandiandianers
Petersburgh - Petersburghers
Providence - Provincials
Rensselaerville - Theotherrensselaerites
Rotterdam - Rotterdamnits
Schaghticoke - Schaghticokeheads
Schuylerville - Schuylees
Scotia  – AOA recommends “Scotians?”
Stephentown - Stephenians
Stillwater - Stillerites
Waterford - Waterfordiskians
Westerlo - Lo Downs


3 Responses to Well then what should I call you people?

  1. Leigh Cummings says:

    If the Poestenkillers isn’t already the name of a local indie band, it should be.

  2. Dain Brammage says:

    Living in Bethlehem, I sure got a kick out of the Jews Moniker. I am a former Delmartian, and now live in Glenmont which isn’t on the list.

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