Normally I’d reserve this for the Mixed Marshall Arts blog, but this is too good not to share here.



1. Black Kitty is over confident in his jiu-jitsu. He keeps pulling guard and in doing so, he keeps giving away points and position.
2. Despite the lack of a colored belt, Orange Kitty is clearly the better grappler of the two.
3. Black Kitty almost ends it early with a nice heel hook attempt.
4. Orange Kitty definitely knows how to work the ring, which is one of the criteria judges use in scoring.
5. At the 0:40 mark, Black Kitty performs Undertaker’s old school rope walk.

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One Response to Fight of the Year

  1. Roz Nella Cucina says:

    I admire the fighting spirit and sportscatship of both fighters. They both stuck it out in that ring.

    Even kitties with just a few patches of orange love a good fight–although my tuxedo girl (RIP) picked fights with me all the time.

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