I’m the guest this week on Jason William’s “The Underpaid” podcast.

From the man himself:

Click HERE!—-> @KevinMarshall is my guest! #WINNING
(Funny Guest Alert!) 2012.  The end of the world. Myself and Special guest, comedian Kevin Marshall tell us why he knows it’s in April. Kevin talks me off the ledge of using (not so) timely catchphrases and mandates some New Year’s resolutions. We bond over hatred of mayonnaise and white people.  I ask Kevin about podcasting on MANville, (find it on iTunes!) and we shout some dirty dirty words! Chuck E. Cheese references! I accidentily reveal that The Underpaid Podcast isn’t real. We talk about dating and how stupid dating sites are, and I read off my sexy new match.com profile! Later, Kevin talks about his belief in centuars, and we write a new book and movie for Kristen Stewart. Finally, we get into talking about what it’s like to do stand up comedy in Albany, NY and delve into the strangeness of the comedic mind.  Oh, and I decide on the spot to try my hand at stand up comedy. Crap. Check Kevin out on Twitter, @KevinMarshall or his website KevinMarshallOnline.com or his MMA Website, www.marshallmma.com

Listen NOW!

The Underpaid – “Kevin Marshall’s Dandruff Resolutions”

Also, go and visit them:
website: The Underpaid
twitter: @theunderpaid
on Facebook: Facebook.com/TheUnderpaid

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