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It’s the pre-show for the 2nd Annual Jimmy Pigfeet Challenge! The man(-pig) himself joins us to discuss and preview the Challenge, discuss what went down last year, and what to expect this year. We also briefly touch on Gamejak Dan’s forthcoming stand-up comedy debut which follows the event.

Plus: The origin story of Jimmy Pigfeet, The News, Harlow hates Kevin Marshall this week for some weird reason, and then he and Johnny Hustle get hyped for UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans while everyone else gets real, real quiet.

In all seriousness, if this week’s show is any indication, this coming Saturday is going to be a blast. Come join us! We’ll be broadcasting a LIVE Manville during the challenge, followed by stand-up comedy.

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  1. Contestants eat one “Necrowingican,” a wing that measures over 7 million on the scoville scale. To give you an idea, the hottest pepper available out there is a little over 1 million on the scoville scale. Yep.
  2. Then, jump rope for three consecutive minutes. You don’t have to start over if you trip up, but you must be making effort to start back up again immediately.
  3. Perform 100 push-ups.


All must be done within 15 minutes. Winners receive a trophy, certificate of Manliness, Manville t-shirt, and other prizes TBA. To be eligible, please show up sometime before 5:30pm.


This will be followed by…



Stand-up comedy hosted by Johnny Hustle featuring the debut of Gamejak Dan. Starring William Hughes and Kevin Marshall.

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  1. […] I hadn’t been booked a couple months in advance for the Jimmy Pigfeet Challenge and the subsequent stand-up comedy show in Coxsackie, I’d be in downtown Troy for this event. Trust me. Hell, I’m going to be there in […]

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