A friend of mine has, of late, become a preferred destination for the Jehova’s Witnesses in her neighborhood. The latest pamphlet offers an…interesting re-imagining of the image of Jesus Christ that I haven’t seen before. Being a comic book geek, I couldn’t help but immediately recognize its resemblance to Highfather of The New Gods, created by Jack Kirby.

Kirby’s is much better. More life, more expression, more authority, and it pops. Whomever the Jehova’s Witnesses commissioned for their art could learn a thing or two from him.

Personally, if I were distributing pamphlets for my sect, I’d draw inspiration for my version of Jesus from another Kirby icon:

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One Response to Commit Your Soul to Highfather of The New Gods

  1. GREGORY says:

    The Jehovah’s Jesus looks alarmingly like my father-in-law. Alarmingly. I may have to re-think my assessment of him.

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